INTEGRATED ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS is an international company and was established to provide professional services with high standards to the oil and gas industry through its expertise, innovation and flexibility. We adhere to good international practices and API standards. We never take on a project without having the right resources to complete it. We pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality and cost-effective integrated services.

Integrated Engineering Solutions has become one of the leading companies in its field of activity. By bringing solutions to our clients operating in various conditions and areas, we have built our reputation around quality of service, reflecting the high standards to which the company holds itself.

Integrated Engineering Solutions provides immediate project management solutions and long-term assistance that can transform the way your company manages projects, enabling you to achieve consistently successful results.

Based on the needs of every project we engage in, we build a custom team with the level of experience and size that such project requires.

Our team will oversee and guide oil and gas projects within your company, from the early stages of concept development to implementation.

We offer new generation of professionals applying best international standards. IES experienced personnel and innovations make the difference. Let the difference work for you.

We will get the job done for you and we will get it done right!