For investors seeking assistance on the technical merits of an investment, INTEGRATED ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS can conduct independent, unbiased evaluations of oil and gas opportunities. Our comprehensive, easy-to-understand analysis delivers a thorough assessment of the technical and commercial merits, identification of key risk factors, estimation of reserves and resources, and determination of the opportunity's overall potential value.

  • Geology
  • Engineering
  • Project Economics
  • Risk Analysis
  • Project Evaluation
  • Legal Support
  • Regulatory
  • Compliance

Geology & Engineering
Understanding the geology of a project creates a foundation for all further evaluation. If a project passes the initial geologic requirements, IES team will evaluate data related to fluid dynamics, production capabilities, and the long-term life of the prospect.

Geology & Engineering include: Data Acquisition / Management, Well Log Interpretation, Petrophysics, Geomodeling, Core Analysis, Seismic Interpretation, Reserve Estimation, Production Forecasting, Decline Curve Analysis, Field Development.

Project Economics
Project-level economic evaluation includes analysis of net present value, rate of return, payback period, and cash flows.

    To determine the economic value of a project for:
  • Acquiring new petroleum area
  • Acquiring existing block from other company
  • Developing new field or optimizing existing field
  • Determining the cash flow for project financing
  • Checking project performance
    To support decision making for:
  • Which project needs to be prioritized
  • What is the optimal field development option
  • Whether a project needs to be revised, postponed or cancelled if some parameter changes
    Risk Analysis
    To help mitigate investment risks, IES can provide the following:
  • Geological interpretation to limit error
  • Forecasting performance potential based on historical production of nearby wells, analogs, and statistical analysis which can help better target the range of production potential
  • Examining all capital cost possibilities to make sure economic projections are within reason
  • Assessment of operational risks resulting from inadequate or failed procedures or equipment
  • Identification of risks posed to a Client by a contract
  • Assessment of environmental risks arising out of Client's activities.

Rolling these tactics into a single workflow will help our Client to understand the risks of the particular investment so that he can make better educated decisions.

    Legal Support
  • Regulatory and Compliance
  • Tax Issues
  • Rig Contracts
    Regulatory & Compliance
  • Assistance in certification
  • Assistance in licensing
  • Assistance in permits
  • Advising on compliance